Chart Of Nuclide

Chart of Nuclide is made up about 18 parts. Each part has a size of about 50 Kbytes. When you click a region of dot, you may see more detailed chart section. By clicking a cell, you may get property of the nuclide or atom.

Chart of Nuclide is based on the evaluated data up to March, 2000. Information on each nuclide contains Spin and Half-life, Mass, Strong gamma-rays from nuclear decay.

Type the numbers in the following figure, or enter an atomic number and a mass number of a nuclide and or ()


(c) Evaluation Group of China Nuclear Data Center, China Institute of Atomic Energy, August 2002

Authors: Huang Xiaolong, Zhou Chunmei, Zhuang Youxiang, Zhao Zhixiang
(China Nuclear Data Center, P.O.Box 275 (41)£¨Beijing 102413, P.R.China)

T.V. Golashvili, H.Lbov, A.Demidov
(Atominform, P.O.Box 971, 127434, Moscow, Russia)
V.P. Chechev
(V.G.Khlopin Radium Institute, St. Petersburg 28 Second Murinsky Avenue,194021, Russia)

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